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How Did I Choose My Books?

I set these preferences on how to choose a book written by a Kentucky author. I used these preferences as a way to narrow down my list of books.


  • The story, theme or subject of the writing had to be set in Kentucky (this was paramount!)

  • No books about agriculture or nature itself.  No books on wildlife, insects, birds, plants, livestock, crops, or ecosystems

  • No sports books about basketball, horses, sports figures, coaches, etc.

  • No books about boats, cars, buildings, bridges, cemeteries, state parks or scenic spots. 



I also included as a requirement:

  • No writing with unneeded profanity, lewdness, debauchery. 

I will accept some depravity within the story line, but unwarranted depravity detracts from any story and, more sadly, diminishes the writer.  

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