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Why Am I Interested In Kentucky Authors?

I was born in Kentucky and the more aged I become, the more of a Kentuckian I become.  That's the best that I can explain it.

My interest in Kentucky authors began one evening in the spring of 2017 (*) while reading a magazine.

(*) This is not entirely true.  My interests started much earlier.  I became a fan of Jesse Stuart's writings in my teens, reading many of his stories. I also laughed at the humor of Joe Creason's zany blurbs.  I was introduced to Thomas Clark's historical writings while at the University of Kentucky.

I subscribe to and read The Kentucky Explorer magazine, edited by Charles Hayes, Jr.   It was a short article in this magazine which ignited an interest in me to read books by Kentucky authors.

The article recommended books by the Kentucky writers of James Allen, John Fox, Jr. and George M. Martin (Mrs. Atwood R. Martin).

I bought and read books from each of these three authors and each was a good book.  It whetted my appetite to read from other Kentucky authors.   


But, which authors?  I scarcely had time to ponder this question when the answer appeared before me - literally.


I came across a book in a peddler’s mall in Frankfort which contained the answer to my question. The book is A Bibliography and Collector’s Guide of Kentucky Authors and Their Books by Larry L. Arnett (2005, Kentucke Publishing Company), which I shall call The Guide.

My next move was to purchase The Kentucky Anthology: Two Hundred Years of Writing in the Bluegrass State by Wade Hall (2005, The University Press of Kentucky) which I shall call The Anthology.

With The Guide in one hand and the The Anthology in the other, I had, at last, my roadmap to the universe of Kentucky authors and their books!(**)

(**) This too is not entirely true.  There was a 12 year gap of time between the present year and the year of publication of The Guide and the Anthology.  Lots of new Kentucky authors and new good books can emerge in 12 years.  That's why I turned to My Sources.   These on line sources helped to fill in the time gap.


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