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   My Other Kentucky Authors  

On this page are two lists of my other Kentucky Authors.


The first list are authors whose works do not fully match my criteria for being on my main list of Kentucky Authors but they merit being kept in mind (and read from).


The second list are noted authors whom I have not yet located a writing of theirs which is about Kentucky -or- they have yet to write one.

My Other Kentucky Authors

whose works do not fully meet my criteria yet merit recognition

(Arranged alphabetically)

Eslie Asbury (1896-1988) Physician, horse breeder, author

Horse Sense and Humor in Kentucky (1981/270p.) [=]


Michelle Bennington (??-) Contemporary and historical fictional writer

Devil's Kiss (2022/302p.)

Winston. J. Coleman (1898-1984) Avid writer, reader about Kentucky history 

Springs of Kentucky (1955/117p.)


Roger Duffey (1972-) High School math teacher and writer

The People Up The Hollar (2017/332p.)

Jonas Hollon (??-) Adair County author

Tales from the Cornfield and Other Stories (1991/97p.)


Jason K. Howard (??-) Investigative writer on Kentucky culture

A Few Honest Words (2012/217p.)


Mandy Manley (??-) Paducah native writer and journalist

Foundations (2010/161p.) [=]

Carol Maupin (??-) Beaver Dam writer and speaker

Revenge in the Bluegrass (2017/134p.)

Sue Griffith Smith (??-) Coal camp of Eastern KY

Sacrifice (2014/316p.)


LouAnn Russell (1956-) Adair County author

Home by the River (2007/176p.) [R]

Christopher Rowe (??-) Science fiction based in Kentucky

These Prisoning Hills (2022/112p.)


Harold P. Voyles (??-) Eastern KY author

Crooked Creek (2018/247p.) [=]

Amelia B. Welby (1819-1852) Mournful poetry

Poems by Amelia (1845/37p.)

..:::  Kentucky Authors  :::..

of whom I have not yet found a writing based in Kentucky, or

have not yet written about Kentucky

Hallee Bridgeman (1962-) Christian themed suspense novelist

Kentucky based series to be released in 2018

Ralph Cotton (1945-) Western fiction

Guy Davenport (1910-2002) Folksy fiction writer 

Kim Edwards (1958-) Fiction writer


Willie S. Ethridge (1900-1982) Fiction writer 

Sue Grafton (1940-2017) Mystery murder fiction writer. Alphabet Series

A.B. Guthrie, Jr. (1901-1991) Reporter turned novelist and literary historian

Lynn S. Hightower (1956-) Suspense fiction writer

Bell Hooks (1952-) Activist writer on social issues (Pseudonym of Gloria Jean Watkins)

Sena J. Naslund (1942-) Novelist, historic fiction

Walter Tevis (1928-1984) Fantasy and science fiction writer

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