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Out of Print Books

It is not hard to find an out of print edition of a book by a Kentucky author.

I look for old editions in five places:

(1) Used book stores (brick and mortar)

(2) On-line sellers of old books

(3) Vendors in flea market / peddler mall type places

(4) Antique stores with multiple vendors

(5) Kentucky 


Yes, Kentucky.  The best place to find a seller of old Kentucky books is in the same state in which they were written: Kentucky.

There are several superb used book stores in Kentucky  I highly encourage readers to shop used book stores.  We need to help keep their doors open.

I have had good results from book vendors in peddler malls, although it takes considerable search time.   Antique stores have yielded me only a few books, but surprisingly very old books in good condition.

There are many on-line book sellers, here's a list of my favorites for new and used books (linked to their home page):

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