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   My Kentucky Authors  

This is my list of Kentucky authors and my list of books for each author.  I had to limit myself to no more than 4 books per author - at least until I read from most every author on my list.

I have not read all the books in my list.  But I will.  I have my retirement years ahead to read them all, and more.

Read here how I chose my Kentucky authors and here how I chose their books.

Books I have read are marked with a [R] symbol. Books on my shelf waiting to be read are denoted with a [=] symbol.  The rolling tally of my library is here.

These are some suggestions on where to find old editions.

I have two more lists of Kentucky Authors; those I am waiting to add to my list on this page.

Latest Update: April 2024

Am I missing a Kentucky author or a book?

My Kentucky Authors

(Arranged alphabetically)

..…..:::::  A  :::::……


James Lane Allen (1849-1925) One of Kentucky's finest genteel fiction writers

The Choir Invisible (1897/361p.) [=]

A Kentucky Cardinal and Aftermath (1900/147p.) [R]

The Mettle of the Pasture (1903/448p.) [=]

The Landmark (1925/200p.) [=]

Nancy K. Allen (1949-) Fiction writer for all ages, especially children

Amazing Grace - A Kentucky Girl with Gumption during World War II (2014/160p.) [R]

Hiram's Gift​ (2106/34p.)

Joseph Altshelter (1862-1919) Journalist, novelist, short stories 

The Young Trailers: A Story of Early Kentucky (1907/252p.) [=]

The Forest Runners: A Story of the Great War Trail (1908/124p.)

The Keepers of the Trail: A Story of the Great Woods (1916/164p.)

Harriett S. Arnow (1908-1986) Kentucky trilogy and social history writer

The Hunter's Horn (1949/412p.) [R]

The Dollmaker (1954/549p.) [=]

.…..:::::  B  :::::……

Garry Barker (1943-) Fictional short stories of Appalachia

Fire on the Mountain (1983/133p.) [=]

Copperhead Summer (1985/233p.)

Mountain Passage (1986/250p.) [R]

Wendell E. Berry (1934-) Novelist, poet, storyteller. Port William series

The Memory of Old Jack (1999/176p.) [R]

Nathan Coulter: A Novel (2008/128p.) [=]

A Place in Time: Twenty Stories of the Port William Membership (2013/256p.) [=]

Sallie Bingham (1937-) Fictional novelist, poet, playwright

Matron of Honor (1994/186p.)

Hallee Bridgeman (1974-) Romantic fiction, Red Blood and Bluegrass Series

Blizzard in the Bluegrass (2019/132p.)

Black Belt, White Dress (2022/154p.)


William W. Brown (1814-1884) Autobiography as a fugitive slave

Narrative of William W. Brown, a Fugitive Slave (1847/58p.)


Joyce E. Bowling (1965-) Poet, short story writer about mountains she calls home

Kentucky...The Mountains I Call Home (2007/192p.)

Faces from the Mountains (2011/180p.)

Charles N. Buck (1879-1930) Short stories, novelist about Kentucky mountains

The Code of the Mountains (1915/303p.) [R]

A Pagan of the Hills (1919/178p.) [=]

Ben L. Burman (1895-1984) River novelist / Catfish bend series

The Four Lives of Mundy Tolliver (1953/262p.) [R] 

.…..:::::  C  :::::……

Tim Callahan (1954-) Kentucky Summers series, other fiction stories

The Cave, The Cabin, & The Tattoo Man (2007/286p.)

Dark Days in Morgan County (2009/307p.) [=]

Harry M. Caudill (1922-1990) Fiction and nonfiction, voice of southern mountains

Night comes to the Cumberlands (1963/394p.) [R]
The Mountain, the Miner and the Lord (1980/177p.)
Slender is the Thread (1987/173p.) [=]

Rebecca Caudill (1899-1985) Highly awarded children's author

Tree of Freedom (1949/279p.) [R]
House of Fifers (1954/184p.)
A Pocketful of Crickets (1964/48p.
) [R]


Lillie D. Chaffin (1925-1993) Appalachian fiction and poetry for all ages

Bear Weather (1969/56p.)
John Henry McCoy (1971/169p.)

Billy C. Clark (1928-2009) Fiction, poet and autobiography around Big Sandy River

Trail of the Hunter’s Horn (1957/95p.) [R]

A Long Row to Hoe (1960/233p.)

To Leave My Heart at Catlettsburg (1999/80p.)


Thomas D. Clark (1903-2005) Kentucky's premier, awe-inspiring historian

Pills, Petticoats and Plows: The Southern Country Store (1944/359p.) [=]

Irvin S. Cobb (1876-1944) Journalist, humorist, storyteller of his beloved Kentucky

Old Judge Priest (1916/401p.) [R]
Speaking of Operations (1915/64p.)

Snake Doctor (1923/343p.)

Steven R. Cope (1949-) Poetry, short fiction, and drama writer

Sassafras (2002/213p.) [=]

Book of Saws (2003/140p.)


Angela Correll (1966-) Writer of "May Hollow" trilogy

Grounded (2013/276p.) [=]

Guarded (2015/332p.)

Granted (2017/315p.)

Byron Crawford (1945-) Journalist, author and story teller

Kentucky Stories (1994/214p.) [R]

Kentucky Footnotes (2010/272p.)


Joe Creason (1919-1974) Journalist and humorist  known all over Kentucky

Crossroads and Coffee Trees (1975/256p.) [R]

Tony Crunk (1956-) Poet and writer of children's books

Living in the Resurrection (1995/55p.)

New Covenant Bound (2010/98p.) [=]

.…..:::::  D / E / F  :::::……

Gwen L. Davenport (1910-2002) Humorous, folksy fiction writer

Belvedere (1947/247p.)
Family Fortunes (1949/278p.)

Maria T. Daviess (1872-1924) Artist and novelist of optimistic short stories

The Melting of Molly (1912/200p.)


Jude Deveraux (1947-) Historical romances

The Blessing (1999/336p.)

David Dick (1930-2010) CBS Correspondent turned writer, novelist

The View from Plum Lick (1992/227p.) [R]

The Quiet Kentuckians (1996/250p.) [=]

Marilyn Dungan (1955?-) Laney McVey mystery series

Snakebird (1999/247p.)

The Tape (1999/246p.)


Richard G. Edwards (1940-) Retired engineer, writer of "Anchor Cross" novels

The Anchor Cross (2014/310p.) [R]

The Pelle Anchor Cross (2015/305p.) [R]


Bill Ellis (1940-) Historian, Professor, journal writer

Dog Days and Other Stories (1996/149p.) [R]

The Kentucky River (2003/226p.)

Michael Embry (1948-) Journalist and editor, "John Ross Boomer" series

Old Ways and New Days (2015/350p.)

Reunion of Familiar Strangers (2021/222p.)


John Fox, Jr. (1862-1919) Fiction and nonfiction early writer of Appalachia

A Mountain Europa (1899/191p.) [R]

A Cumberland Vendetta (1900/180p.) [R]

Trail of the Lonesome Pine (1908/421p.) [R]

The Heart of  the Hills (1913/396p.) [=]

Lucy Furman (1869-1958) Fiction of Eastern Kentucky

Mothering on Perilous (1913/310p.)

The Quare Woman (1923/219p.)

.…..:::::  G  :::::……

Ann H. Gabhart (1947-) Historical fiction, romance and mystery writer

Angel Sister (2010/416p.)

The Scent of Lilacs (2005/352p.)

Janice H. Giles (1909-1979) Novelist of the Kentucky mountains. Piney Ridge trilogy

The Enduring Hills (1950/256p.) [=]

Miss Willie (1951/272p.)

40 Acres and No Mule (1952/239p.) [R]

Johnny Osage (1960/288p.) [=]


Gera Jones (1966-) Fiction novelist. Gunpowder series.

Painted Windows (2021/356p.) [=]

Fernlee (2022/324p.)

The Bridge (2023/383p.)

Caroline Gordon (1895-1981) Fiction novelist and short story writer

Pehally (1931/282p.)

Old Red and Other Stories (1963/256p.)


Sarah Gorham (1954-) Poet of award

The Tension Zone (1996/84p.)

Don’t Go Back to Sleep (2002/51p.)


Cordia Greer-Petrie (1872-1964) Humorous fiction writer. Angeline series

Angeline at the Seelbach  (1920/25p.) 

Angeline Steppin’ Out (1922/22p.) 

.…..:::::  H  :::::……

Eliza C. Hall (1856-1935) Folksy fiction of Pennyrile area.  Aunt Jane series.

(Pseudonym of Eliza C. Obenchain)

Aunt Jane of Kentucky (1907/283p.) [R]

The Land of Long Ago (1909/295p.)


James B. Hall (1935-2009) Photographer turned poet and novelist

Stopping on the Edge to Wave (1988/80p.)


Wade H. Hall (1934-2015) Poet, historian, novelist. Author of The Anthology.

Passing for Black: The Life and Careers of Mae Street Kidd (1997/208p.)

A Song in Native Pastures: Randy Atcher's Life in Country Music (2002/172p.)


Heather Henson (1966-) Playwrite and author of young adult books

That Book Woman (2008/40p.)

Lift your Light a Little Higher (2016/32p.)

Chris Holbrook (1961-) Historic and fiction writer from eastern Kentucky

Hell and Ohio: Stories of Southern Appalachia (1995/140p.)

Upheaval: Stories (2009/151p.)


Bruce Hopkins (1946-) Writer of Pike County trilogy

Spirits in the Field  (2003/236p.) [R]

Bright Wings to Fly (2006/212p.)

Hearts in Zion: Steel, Coal, and an Appalachian Family (2009/220p.)

Silas House (1971-) Noted fiction writer of the coal community trilogy

Clay’s Quilt (2001/292p.) [R]

A Parchment of Leaves (2002/278p.) [=]

A Coal Tattoo (2004/341p.)


Harlan Hubbard (1900-1988) Artist, naturalist, reclusive writer

Shantyboat: A River Way of Life (1953/368p.) [R]

Payne Hollow Journal (1974/167p.)

.…..:::::  I / J / K  :::::……


Willard R. Jillson (1890-1975) Historian and geologist of Kentucky

Big Bone Lick: an Outline of its History (1936/164p.)

Songs and Satires: A Chronology of Youthful Rhymes and Verse (2017/74p.)


Annie F. Johnston (1863-1931) Children’s story teller. Little Colonel series.

The Little Colonel (1896/102p.) [R]

Two Little Knights of Kentucky (1899/168p.)


Loyal Jones (1928-) Appalachian culture, particularly the humorous side.

Laughter in Appalachia: A Festival of Southern Mountain Humor (2005/160p.)

Curing the Cross-Eyed Mule: Appalachian Mountain Humor (2005/212p.) [=]

Abigail Keam (1956-) Detective and murder fiction mysteries. Honeybee series.

Death by a Honeybee (2010/223p.)[R]

Death by Drowning (2011/268p.)


Christopher Kelder (1962-) Inspirational writer, poet, children story teller, film maker.

The Secrets of Cobb Creek (2012/128p.)


Eleanor M. Kelly (1880-1968) Romantic fiction writer

Kildares of a Storm (1916/235p.)

The Mansion House (1925/339p.)


Barbara Kingsolver (1955-) Novelist, essayist and poet

Prodigal Summer (2001/464p.) [R]

.…..:::::  L  :::::……


Edwin C. Litsey (1874-1970) Poet and banker in Louisville.

The Man from Jericho (1911/134p.)

Stones for Bread (1940/284p.)  


John Uri Lloyd (1849-1936) Folksy fiction writer of N. Kentucky. Stringtown series.

Etidorhpa (1895/376p.) [A must read, even though not about Kentucky]

Stringtown on the Pike (1901/414p.) [R]

Felix Moses: The Beloved Jew of Stringtown on the Pike (1930/354p.)


George Ella Lyon (1949-) Poetic voice of Appalachians, novelist, children’s tales

Catalpa (1993/61p.)

With a Hammer for my Heart (1997/213p.) [R]

Don't You Remember? (2007/220p.)

.…..:::::  M  :::::……

Maurice Manning (1966-) Distinguished Danville poet

Lawrence Booth's Book of Visions (2001/96p.)

Bulcolics (2008/128p.)


George M. Martin (1866-1946) Early Kentucky fiction. 

Pen name for Atwood R. Martin

Emmy Lou, Her Book and Heart (1902/279p.) [R]


Bobbie Ann Mason (1940-) Well known western Kentucky short story writer

Shiloh and Other Stories (1982/247p.) [R]

In Country (1985/247p.) [=]

Spence and Lila (1988/176p.) [=]

Mark Mattmiller (1955?-) Short stories of central Kentucky

Neighboring (2013/148p.) [R]

There I Shall Be (2014/156p.) [=]


Ed McClanahan (1932-) Spirited short story writer

The Natural Man (1983/229p.) [0]


Clark McMeekin. Pen name for Dorothy Clark (1899-1983) and Isabel McMeekin (1895-1973)

Show Me a Land (1940/441p.)

Reckon With the River (1941/392p.)

Tyrone of Kentucky (1954/310p.) [R]


Thomas Merton (1915-1968) Trappist monk turned spiritualist poet, novelist

The Seven Storied Mountain (1948/429p.) [R]

Seeds of Contemplation (1949/201p.)


F. J. Messina (1952-) Writer of the murder mysteries "Bluegrass Files"

Down the Rabbit Hole (2016/342p.) [R]

The Bourbon Brotherhood (2019/319p.)


Jim W. Miller (1936-1996) Poet of Appalachia

The Mountains Have Come Closer (1980/64p.)

Newfound (1989/213p.)

His First, Best Country (1993/216p.)


Marie and Rebecca Mitchell Sisters, historic fiction, non-fiction for young adults

Road to Pleasant Hill (2009/92p.)

Tree of Life (2012/108p.)


William L. Montell (1931-) Writer of ghostly folklore and tales

Ghosts Along the Cumberland: Deathlore in the Kentucky Foothills (1987/272p.) [=]

Ghosts Across Kentucky (2000/258p.) [=]

Tales from Kentucky One-Room School Teachers (2016/300p.)


C.E. Morgan (1976-) Modern fiction writer

All The Living (2009/199p.)

Ronald D. Mullins (19??-) From his memories of Appalachia

The Laurel Spur (2012/340p.)

Aunt Beck (2016/375p.)

.…..:::::  N / O  :::::……

James T. Cotton Noe (1869-1953) Lawyer, professor, first poet laureate in Kentucky

The Blood of Rachel and Other Poems (1916/150p.)

Tip Sams of Kentucky (1926/270p.)


Gurney Norman (1937-) Novelist, teacher

Kinfolks: The Wilgus Story (1977/118p.)


Chris Offutt (1958-) Fiction short story writer of Appalachia topics

Kentucky Straight (1992/167p.)

Out of the Woods (1999/172p.)

No Heroes (2002/268p.) [R]

.…..:::::  P  :::::……

John Ed Pearce (1917-2006) Kentucky’s best newspaper writer

Seasons (1983/195p.)

Days of Darkness: The Feuds of Eastern Kentucky (1994/227p.)

The Ohio River (1989/187p.)


Robert A. Powell (1940?) Artist, writer, sketcher of Kentucky and Appalachia

Demon at Clear Creek (2004/148p.)

My Kentucky Sketchbook (2015/140p.)


Joe Powlas (1927-2016) Pastor, writer from Cow Creek

The Church with the Golden Roof (1988/239p.)

The Bishop of Stinking Creek Hollow (1992/270p.)

Shepherd of the Dust ( 2002/167p.) [R]



.…..:::::  R  :::::……


Alice H. Rice (1870-1942) AKA Alice C. Hegan, Novelist and story teller

Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (1901/153p.) [R]

A Romance of Billy-Goat Hill (1912/404p.)


Kim M. Richardson (1960s-), Historical fiction centered in eastern Kentucky

The Unbreakable Child (2009/216p.)

Liar's Bench (2015/255p.) [R]

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek (2019/2302p.)


Jean Ritchie (1922-2015) Dulcimer player, “The Mother of Folk” song writer, story teller

Singing Family of the Cumberlands (1955/282p.)


Karen Robards (1957-) Fiction suspense writer

Hunter’s Moon (1996/425p.)

Paradise County (2000/370p.)


Elizabeth M. Roberts (1881-1941) Fiction, poetry set in central Kentucky

The Time of Man (1926/382p.)

The Great Meadow (1930/338p.)

A Buried Treasure (1931/296p.)


Leonard W. Roberts (1912-1983) Story collector, poet, writer

South from Hell-fer-Sartin (1964/287p.) [R]

Up Cutshin and Down Greasy (1988/176p.) [=]


Gwyn H. Rubio (1949-) Fiction writer

Icy Sparks (1998/336p.)

.…..:::::  S / T  :::::……

Charles Semones (1937-2015)  Poet, novelist of central KY. Sabbath Country series

Afternoon in the Country of Summer (2003/160p.)

And All the Layered Light (2007/144p.)


James Sherburne (1926-2011) Historical fiction, suspense writer

Hacey Miller (2000/324p.)

Stand Like Men (1973/268p.)


Verna Mae Slone (1914-2009) Appalachian writer, craftswoman, quilter, dollmaker

What My Heart Wants to Tell (1979/143p.) [=]

Rennie's Way (1994/232p.)


Martha B. Stiles (1934-)  Central Kentucky writer

Kate of Still Waters (1994/232p.) [R]

Lonesome Road (1998/275p.)

James Still (1906-2001) Poet, novelist, folktales, short stories about Appalachia

River of Earth (1940/245p.) [R]

The Run for the Elbertas (1953/144p.) [R]

Rusties and Riddles and Gee-Haw Whimmy-Diddles (1989/112p.)

The Hills Remember (2012/416p.)


Jesse Stuart (1906-1984) Exceptional and admired Kentucky writer

Man With The Bull-Tongue Plow (1934/384p.)

Taps for Private Tussie (1943/253p.)

A Thread That Runs So True (1949/293p.)

The Rightful Owner (1960/110p.) [=]


Hollis Summers (1916-1987) Poetry and fiction short stories writer

Brighten the Corner (1952/217p.)


John O. Allen Tate (1899-1979) Traditional poet

The Fathers (1938/306p.)


Jean B. Thomas (1882-1982) “Traipsin’ Woman” folk writer, musician, photographer

Devil's Ditties: Stories and Songs of the Kentucky Mountain People (1931/188p.)

The Singin' Fiddler of Lost Hope Hollow (1938/242p.)

.…..:::::  U / V / W  :::::……

Jane Gentry Vance (1941-2014) Poet laureate, professor.

A Garden in Kentucky (1995/85p.) 


Frank X. Walker (1961-)  Poet laureate, educator

Affrilachia (2000/112p.)


Robert P. Warren (1905-1989) Prominent Kentucky poet, short story, novel writer

Night Rider (1939/460p.) [R]

World Enough and Time (1950/512p.)


Crystal E. Wilkinson (1962-) Fiction and biography writer

Blackberries, Blackberries (2000/180p.) [=]

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