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What Sources Did I Use to Find My Kentucky Authors?

I used both printed and on-line sources to help build the list of my Kentucky authors.

The vast bulk of my Kentucky authors came from two aging printed sources:

The Guide: A Bibliography and Collector’s Guide of Kentucky Authors and Their Books by Larry L. Arnett (2005, Kentucke Publishing Company)

The AnthologyThe Kentucky Anthology: Two Hundred Years of Writing in the Bluegrass State by Wade Hall (2005, The University Press of Kentucky) 

There has not been an update or replacement to either of these wonderful resources since 2005.


On-Line Sources

I completed and update my list of Kentucky authors from on-line sources.  There are several websites about Kentucky authors on the internet.  


These are the on-line sources I used to find My Kentucky Authors (in no particular order).

  1. Carnegie Hall: Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame 

  2. University of Kentucky Press

  3. University of Kentucky List of Kentucky Writers

  4. Kentucky Tourism

  5. Kentucky Authors for Educators

  6. Kentucky Humanities

  7. LibraryThing

  8. Louisville Literary Arts

If you know of an informative on-line source about Kentucky authors, please contact me.

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