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How Did I Choose My Kentucky Authors?

These are the conditions which I used to select My Kentucky Authors:

  1. The author had to either be born in Kentucky, or, as Larry Arnett in The Guide so nicely stated, "established a strong identification or relationship" with Kentucky.

  2. An author who had at least four book publications (self-published or publishing house)

  3. An author recognized by others for their works.


I sometimes looked the other way on the second condition for some of my Kentucky authors.


I narrowed the field of Kentucky authors down even more with these stipulations:

  • No authors would be on my list who only published military books about military personnel, military campaigns, battles, events, ceremonies or weapons.

  • No authors who only published geography books, demography books, topography books or paleontology books.

  • No authors who only published histories of Kentucky, counties, towns, cities, colleges, homes, local sites or popular places.​

  • No authors who only published histories of denominations, churches, preachers, religious ceremonies, etc.

I may return to these authors in the future and read their works, but for now they are off my list.



These conditions and stipulations helped to form my list of Kentucky authors.

This is by no means a final list, just the opposite.  My list already has changed over time - and will continue changing.

If you believe that I missed a Kentucky author who should be added to my list, please contact me.

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